The Lauder Employment Center

In partnership with the Jewish National Fund and Ben Gurion University, The Lauder Employment Center was founded to address the fundamental element of employment in bringing people to the Negev. A one-stop-shop for everything employment related in the Negev, the LEC acts an overarching body in the creation of partnerships between Negev employers, employment agencies and potential employees.  The Center maintains relationships with over 300 employers and works with thousands of job seekers to facilitate easier access to job opportunities and quality candidates.


Forum for Employment Agencies
For the first time in Negev history, the Lauder Employment center has created communication between the 35+ employment agencies in the Negev, leading to more effective problem solving, increased numbers of people finding jobs and improvement of employee and employer satisfaction.  

Forum for Human Resources Managers
The largest of its kind, this forum brings together 40 top companies representing tens of thousands of workers to ensure that human resource managers across Negev industries are professional, up to date on newest practices, and provide the best work environment for local workers. Moreover, the forum brings together companies across industries to leverage their resources and advocate for their needs as a united group.

JNF Ronald S. Lauder Fellowship
This prestigious Fellowship keeps talented engineers in the Negev through placing them at companies including SodaStream and Intel. In our pilot program in 2017, 90% of participants chose to stay in the Negev following the fellowship. Such success at retaining young engineers is unheard of!

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