Residents of the Negev’s development towns have historically suffered from lack of quality employment options. This innovative program brings the tech and training to their hometowns, enabling them to realize their dreams of a challenging yet rewarding new career.

As part of a tri-sector partnership, Eretz-Ir manages NetGev – a network of hi-tech hubs offering local entrepreneurs affordable workspace alongside practical, technical training, enabling local residents to work remotely and providing them with new opportunities.

NetGev offers a way for small town residents to begin a career in tech. Courses are highly subsidized and include professions such as IoT & web development, data analysis, cyber security, network administration, and much more.  

Services Provided:

  • Hitech Workspace
  • Mentoring and Guidance
  • Short and Long Term Certification Courses
  • Network of Entrepreneurs
  • Connections to Partners and Clients
  • Workshops, Lectures & Meetups

NetGev partners include: Jewish National Fund USA, the Ministry for Social Equality, Cisco Israel, East Negev Cluster, local authorities of Hura, Dimona, and Arad, Digital Israel, and the Ministry of Economy.

Many residents of the periphery, including myself, who love the computer world, can’t afford trips to other cities for these studies. I came to the course with basic knowledge and thanks to the detailed training and labs, I learned to assemble, repair and maintain computers.

These classes made me feel confident to search for a technical job. The training paid off and I now work as a computer technician at Soroka Hospital.

"The courses at NetGev will provide the residents of Arad the opportunity to enter the technical and digital labor market."
Alexandra Rokach
Arad NetGev Course Graduate
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