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Social Entrepreneurship

Eretz-Ir supports local entrepreneurs in bringing about the change they wish to see in their cities by providing them with the necessary mentoring, networking, tools, and infrastructure.   Social businesses create jobs and stimulate the economy, as well as promote the wellbeing of the communities by providing bottom-up solutions to local problems. Social entrepreneurship generates public involvement and civil activism, and mobilizes the creation of innovative solutions to community needs.

What is social entrepreneurship?

Social entrepreneurship is the use of business tools and strategies to promote a social goal. Examples include a cafe that employs at-risk youth or a brew shop that opens in a run-down part of the city in order to create a community and renewal in the area. These social businesses have “double bottom-lines,” creating both profit and social impact, and are not reliant on philanthropy.

Social entrepreneurship is a central part of a healthy community. It creates public participation as well as innovative solutions to the needs of the community.

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Social Entrepreneurs mentored
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Social Entrepreneurs in our Network
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Social Businesses run through Eretz-Ir
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Jobs created as a result of entrepreneurs in our Network
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Accelerator Programs
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Hub in the Negev opened in 2013

Guiding social entrepreneurs:

Eretz-Ir creates supportive infrastructure where developing entrepreneurs can thrive, providing them with the skills and support needed to make their ideas a reality.  We engage municipalities, young adult centers, local businesses, and investors to partner in our efforts.

Ongoing guidance assists social entrepreneurs through their challenges and personal needs even after a specific program has ended. We therefore mentor and guide entrepreneurs in any stage they are at, from ideation to scaling-up an existing business.  We create lasting relationships that support our social entrepreneurs as they create positive change in their communities

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