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Our Services: Community Guidance & Development

Eretz-Ir guides and develops urban communities, providing members with unique networking tools, access to resources, knowledge and opportunities for joint projects for the benefit of the city and the community.

Meetings between communities

  • A two-day annual seminar for community leaders from across the country.
  • 6 annual “learning days” and workshops with social activists across Israel: community leaders, partners, employees and social-business entrepreneurs.
  • Dedicated professional courses for community members.
  • Facebook group, WhatsApp group, and a newsletter for members to remain up to date on what’s happening on a national scale.

Representing the communities to various organizations & bodies

Eretz-Ir is legally recognized as a “community initiator” and is authorized to represent the communities in our network.

  • Government lobby: Regular work with ministers interested in promoting community activities, participation in various Knesset committees, meetings with government officials, promotion of joint ventures, and access to various calls for proposals.
  • Representation to philanthropic organizations: participation in strategic committees, conferences, presenting community activities and their impact, articulation of community activities to decision makers, and more.

Assistance in marketing and fundraising

  • Guidance in writing of philanthropic and governmental calls for proposals and leveraging the community’s budget for projects and events.
  • Identifying unique opportunities for the community and initiating research for potential supporters.
  • Subsidies for branding and marketing consultants.
  • Assistance in producing marketing materials.
  • Coordinating and organizing donor tours.

Providing an organizational, financial and legal platform

For communities that do not have an independent organization, Eretz-Ir offers to implement social projects and run their economic and legal activities through our nonprofit. Through Eretz-Ir, communities can receive tax-deductible donations from within Israel and abroad. Additionally, using our infrastructure communities can:

  • Pay salaries and contractors.
  • Manage a closed budget with complete independence .
  • Receive accounting and auditor services.
  • Guidance in establishing an independent legal entity.

Building the community infrastructure

  • Building mechanisms for joint decision making.
  • Establishing community institutions and traditions.
  • Aid in adapting community life to meet the changing needs of its members.
  • Building annual goals and updating the vision as necessary.

Development and operation of business and social ventures

  • Assistance in writing work plans.
  • Business development and the creation of stable sources of income.
  • Guidance in managing partnerships and widening the circle of partners through Eretz-Ir’s network.
  • Assistance in managing volunteers and motivating employees.
  • Connect community members to the project and use community resources to leverage the project.

Leveraging local networking

  • Assistance in working with the local authority.
  • Connection to various local players.
  • Assistance in the development of community solutions for education, housing, culture and employment in the community.
  • Connection to other urban communities around the city
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