The nature of the manufacturing in the modern world is such that many products do not reach the consumer and therefore are a burden to the company and the environment; thousands of tons of unused clothing, furniture, pharmaceuticals and more are simply trashed across Israel each year. Most would be happy to donate them to those in need if not for the logistical hazard of locating people who need them and organizing transportation.

While hundreds of families, senior citizens and those in poverty are in desperate need of new clothing and furniture, tons of surplus goods from various industries (textile, tourism, furniture, etc.) are disposed of on a weekly basis. By establishing a broad and sophisticated logistical system, the “Social Delivery” project succeeds in retaining these surplus goods and transporting them to nonprofit organizations and people in need.

“This project changes the rules of the game. Once I would invest 30 percent of my time to requesting and acquiring goods. Today it is just a phone call and we’re done, and the money I save goes to the core activity helping youths.” (Aaron, manager of a nonprofit)

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