Name of Entrepreneur: Moshe Nager
Name of Startup: Shulafim
City: Dimona
Field: Youth programming- Civic Service
Since 2015


Shulafim- A Meaningful Year Before the Army

To inspire civic activism, Shulafim encourages youth in the periphery to spend one year after high school in a pre-military preparatory and service program. Shulafim deepens Jewish identity, addresses social issues and challenges in civil society, and encourages  an acceptance of people’s differences.

In the year 2015 Moshe Nagar and his partners began a social project in the city of Dimona, with the aim of exposing local youth to the variety of possibilities available to them before leaving for military service. Shulafim was established in memory of four parachutists from the Paratroopers Brigade – Paz Eliyahu, Shahar Dover, Shachar Shalev and Li Mat Lilak who were killed in Operation Tzuk Eitan in 2014.

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