Name of entrepreneur: Ramzi Altouri
Name of Startup: Science Club
Areas Served: Negev-wide, with headquarters in Rahat
Field: Science, robotics, technology
Founded in 2017
500 beneficiaries

Science Club – Inspiring Bedouin Students in STEM

Science Club is a social business that introduces science and technology to Bedouin kids and teens in a fun and engaging way. Today, there are virtually no Bedouin students in university level science and engineering degrees. This is mainly due to lack of access to knowledge, gaps in both language and mentality, and lack of budgets and investment in the field.

We believe that exposure to these areas from an early age with access to advanced technology will lead to more Bedouin students pursuing degrees in the sciences.

Through research and learning sessions, Science Club exposes youth to innovative technological fields such as robotics, 3D printers, application development and animation design. The project currently teaches more than 200 students per year in all age groups.

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