Name of Entrepreneurs: Nirit Weil, Michal Blumenzweig
Name of Startup: Ruth Center
City: Yerucham
Founded: October 2016
300 beneficiaries

Ruth Center for Holistic Health

The Ruth Center is a unique treatment center that enables residents of Yeruham and the surrounding areas to enjoy alternative therapeutic services at a fair price. Living in small towns in the Negev, most residents have to travel far to experience such services, which are very costly. The Ruth Center aims to expose peripheral populations to different ideas about living a healthy lifestyle and alternative treatment methods.

The following treatment are provided at the Ruth center: 

  • Chinese Medicine
  • Reflexology
  • Shiatsu Massaging
  • Twina( A chinese touch therapy)
  • Naturopathy
  • Bach Flowers

Treatments are suitable for solving dozens of problems such as back problems, diabetes, depression and more. Each service costs NIS 80. The Center employs 6 trained therapists and was launched together with Eretz-Ir, the “Thinking to Do” program, the Yeruham Council and the generous contribution of ICL.

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