Founder: Tomer Sasson Project Name: Raise Your Voice
Area Served/City: Southern Region
Field: Spoken Word Workshops and courses for at risk youth
Beneficiaries: 100

Raise Your Voice - Spoken Word Poetry

As a teenager, Tomer Sasson experienced many difficult situations. He used poetry and writing as relieve stress and work out his feelings. From this personal experience, he established Raise Your Voice.

Raise Your Voice combines spoken word poetry with theatre, music, and creative writing in experiential workshops to help youth at risk with self-reflection and expression.

Raise Your Voice’s workshops and courses are subsidized by various philanthropic organizations and enable low-income school districts to use his services.

The project is intended for  youth at risk, and includes several options:

  • Long term workshops (6-12 months)
  • Short term workshops (2-3 meetings)
  • One time workshops
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