Founder: Adi Efrati
Area: nationwide
Field: Parenting/Connecting Moms
Year Founded: 2016

Hashadchaniya – The Matchmaker –  A digital platform for connecting mothers

Hashadchaniya is digital platform for connecting moms. Adi is a pediatric dietitian who meets hundreds of virtual and physical mothers each year. After giving birth to her first child, she was lonely and had an idea for connecting new mothers.

In Israel, about 150,000 babies are born each year. For every baby born, there is a new mother and new experience. In the “non-tribal” model in which most of us live, many mothers are accompanied by loneliness and many suffer from postpartum depression. Community support improves emotional stability, and HaShadchania does that and more.

  • HaShadchania provides emotional support for mothers. Knowing that there are other new moms around, with accessible information and resources increases one’s sense of security.
  • Hashadchania uses technology to minimize the effort needed to reach other women or find events
  • Hashadchania provides mothers with opportunities to cook dinners for other new mothers immediately after birth

Hashadchania introduces mothers to each other through an easily accessible online platform, and serves a “buffet” of content, from which mothers can choose what appeals to them.

To watch a short video about HaShadchania in Hebrew, click here  Link.

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