Community Name: Network
City: Be’er Sheva
Number of members: ~500
Areas of Focus: Urbanism, Leisure, Culture, Entrepreneurship

HaReshet (literally, “The Network”) is a wide community that  serves as a platform to engage young adults and connect them to both each other and their city, largely through sustainable and participatory initiatives. Through HaReshet, young adults are given the resources and opportunity to create an alternative, engaging lifestyle, resulting in a replicable model of urban and community resilience.

Traditional common leisure time is based on consumerism: restaurants, theaters and cinemas. Citizens are cast as consumers, only capable of showing up and paying for an experience. HaRershet instead sets the tone for creating participatory initiatives, experiences and events, which give the resident a sense of purpose and belonging. Young adults become prosumers (producers-consumers), who take an active part in the success of the initiative. Through giving young adults the opportunity to influence their city, they feel empowered and to create culturally inspired urban solutions. This creates an understanding that each resident can influence and create their own best version of the city. HaReshet has propelled Be’er Sheva from a peripheral city to a thriving, growing city perceived as mainstream, culturally and economically relevant, and most importantly – a desirable city for young adults to build their futures in.

Community Projects and Initiatives

  • A young and alternative urban scene that includes:
  • Participatory events in both public and private spaces
  • Strengthening the local economy
  • Community Carpentry Studio
  • Household Objects Lending Library
  • Monthly Community-Wide festivals
  • Placemaking and DIY workshops
  • Edible Forest
  • And more

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