Community name: Green in the City
City: Harish
Number of members: 40
Areas of activity: Sustainability

“Green in the City” is a community of individuals, couples and families who have come together to live in the planned city of Harish to promote urban sustainability and cooperation between religious and secular residents.

The community vision is to create a model for sustainable urban life, based on respectful communication, creating trust between people and the environment, and establishing cooperation between the Authority and local residents.


Members of the community operate a number of projects for the local environment, community and local economy.

  • Creating a model for shared living in the city that enable a diverse and vibrant community life and promote the values ​​of sustainability.
  • To promote awareness of environmental and community issues among the residents of the city, in order to enlist activists to better promote sustainable living and local culture.
  • Promoting sustainable urban planning in consultation and cooperation with the local authority.

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