City: Be’er Sheva
Number of Members: ~200
Areas of Focus: Pluralistics Judaism; Education

Be’erot Community was established in 2010 by a small group of American immigrants together with local Be’er Shevians with the vision of establishing a pluralistic, egalitarian Jewish community in the Negev. Be’erotvalues social involvement and contributes in many ways to the Be’er Sheva community. The community centers around a synagogue led by won and balances between tradition and innovation in their davening, learning, and social action projects throughout the region.

Community Projects:

  • Egalitarian Minyan. The unique minyan flourishes and invites those who are interested in urban-community life, with a pluralist, feminist, cooperative nature. The community celebrates the Jewish holidays together, organizes cultural events, learning and activities for children.
  • Be’erot is a partner in establishing a new branch of a youth movement branch and “Scouts” membership in Southern Be’er Sheva
  • Adoption of a failing elementary school: In order to foster a caring and active generation in the community social sphere, the community's social activity focuses on the religious state school Netivei Am, where most of the community's children are educated. And the management, together enriching the curriculum with meaningful, pluralistic and experiential content, and today the community is active in the school in many ways, including an enrichment program in the afternoon, a Bat Mitzvah program for mothers and daughters and a community garden.

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