Fun fact – Eretz-Ir was originally called Tor HaMidbar (“Time of The Desert”). We changed our name to Eretz-Ir (“Country, City) in 2017 to reflect our growth and expanded mission of enriching cities in all of Israel’s periphery, not only in the Negev Desert.  

Eretz-Ir’s Goals:

  • Promote community development in peripheral cities through encouraging civil activism.
  • Create innovative solutions to social needs by establishing social-business initiatives.
  • Promote quality, diverse employment by developing tri-sector partnerships and holistic solutions.
  • Enhance public awareness to the high quality of life that cities outside Central Israel can offer; attracting and retaining young populations.

Why we do what we do: 

  • Today in Israel, young people looking for excitement move to Tel Aviv. Families looking for strong community life search for the perfect moshav (small town). But what about Israel’s cities in the North and South? These areas can provide Israelis of all ages with a flourishing community, employment, and sense of meaning. 
  • We believe that communities, social initiatives, and quality employment in peripheral cities will strengthen the cities both economically and socially.
  • Residents report higher life-satisfaction and sense of local responsibility in cities with socially engaged residents.
  • Social entrepreneurship is a central element in community health, creating  involved residents, public engagement, and innovative solutions to community needs.
  • When residents are empowered by their surrounding community, they create solutions that strengthen the economy and increase the quality of life
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