Cafe Ringelblum

Our first venture into the world of employment, Cafe Ringelblum is a vocational-therapeutic program for at risk teens in Be’er Sheva. Since 2009, Cafe Ringelblum has changed the lives of 85 young adults.

10 years ago, Eretz-Ir created an after school program for local at-risk youth. However, few teenagers came. When asked why, a local teen explained that he and his friends needed money for their families and spent their evenings working. They were hired “off the books” for catering jobs that required late hours for meager pay, and did not provide relevant skills for future careers. We then understood the great need for a social program that would:

1. Provide at risk youth with an income.
2. Train them for a vocation in high demand in Israel.
3. Provide extensive counseling and support within the framework of the job.

We are thrilled to report that an independent study on the program at Cafe Ringelblum found a 93% success rate in our graduates joining the army or national service and that 85% of our graduates hold steady jobs.

The Program
Café Ringelblum is a café-restaurant established in Be’er Sheva by Eretz-Ir NGO in 2009. Each year it offers ten at-risk youth vocational training to become chefs while providing a holistic, individually-tailored and intense therapeutic plan carried out by a full-time social worker. It is the only program of its kind in Be’er Sheva and produces life changes results.

Additionally, we operate a graduates program to for our young graduates, as they require a support system to navigate a variety of difficulties while adapting to life in the army, national service or holding a steady job.

Our ultimate success is when graduates are able to cast aside the label of “at-risk youth” and instead define themselves as productive,  well-adjusted young adults. For example, one of our graduates has come full circle and opened a popular sandwich shop just down the street from the Cafe!

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