Employment in the Negev

In order for Israel to prosper and grow, young adults and families must see cities in the periphery as a viable and desirable place to live, offering a high quality of life, allowing them to live out the dream of affordable housing, strong community life, rich cultural events, and local involvement.

As studies show that employment is the first consideration of young adults when choosing a place to live, Eretz-Ir is proud to serve as JNF US’s employment arm for its ambitious BluePrint Negev Initiative to bring 500,000 new residents to the Negev.

Eretz-Ir develops innovative solutions and tri-sector partnerships to promote quality and diversity of employment opportunities in the Negev.  We pool resources by forming coalitions of employers, employment agencies, local authorities, and young adult organizations; introduce hi-tech positions to residents of small towns across the Negev, and establish innovative, holistic methods to increase employment among the Negev’s at-risk young adults.

Our Programs

The Lauder Employment Center

In partnership with the Jewish National Fund, The Lauder Employment Center was founded to address the fundamental element of employment in bringing people to the Negev. A one-stop-shop for everything employment related in the Negev, the LEC acts an overarching body in the creation of partnerships between Negev employers, employment agencies and potential employees.

For the first time in Negev history, there is communication between numerous employment organizations, leading to more effective problem solving, increased numbers of people finding jobs and improvement of employee and employer satisfaction.

The Lauder Employment Center has created the Negev Human Resources Forum, the Employment Agencies Forum and networks for over 300 employers and thousands of jobs seekers in efforts to facilitate easier access to job opportunities and quality candidates. Our prestigious JNF Ronald S. Lauder Fellowship program places top engineering students at Negev companies for a hands-on summer experience sure to keep them in the Negev post-graduation.

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Working Together – Cross-Sector Initiative

In the summer of 2017, Eretz-Ir was selected by The Ministry of Labor and Welfare and a coalition of philanthropists to develop and oversee a program which will increase employment among the Negev’s at-risk young adults population (ages 18-25). The program focuses on creating quality jobs and career planning, providing participants with mentors, training, and ongoing support to help them succeed in stable and rewarding employment.

Eretz-Ir is working together with young adult organizations, employers, professional training and placement bodies, local authorities, civil society organizations and academia. Activities include: employment-focused mentorship for young adults in the periphery, individually tailoring guidance according to each participant’s needs, connection with Negev employers to identify and deeply understand their needs such as positions in high demand, scope and content of professional training, and coaching on best practices to integrate these young adults into the workplace.

Eretz-Ir is showing people that they do not need to compromise on their career when considering the Negev as their home – the region has countless opportunities for everyone!

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As part of a tri-sector partnership, Eretz-Ir manages NetGev – a network of hi-tech hubs offering local entrepreneurs affordable workspace alongside practical, technical training, enabling local residents to work remotely and providing them with new opportunities.

Answering the challenges of demographic vastness and isolation in the Negev, NetGev offers a way for residents of small towns to begin a career in tech. Courses are highly subsidized and include professions such as IoT & web development, data analysis, cyber security, network administration, and much more.

NetGev partners include : Jewish National Fund USA, the Ministry for Social Equality, Cisco, East Negev Cluster, local authorities of Hura, Dimona, and Arad, Digital Israel, and the Ministry of Economy.

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