Mission Driven Communities: Supporting 21st Century Pioneers

Eretz-Ir works in Israel’s periphery, providing groups of activists with the tools needed to create thriving communities. These urban communities, formed around a shared social mission, build partnerships with local authorities and ensure that the needs of local residents are heard. This democratizes social change and restores rights and opportunities for previously neglected populations. Accordingly, Eretz-Ir enables community members to create positive change for themselves, the wider community, and the city as a whole.  

Urban Communities – 21st century pioneers – are groups of activists who choose to settle and build their homes in the periphery. Together with veteran residents, urban communities define problems that are specific to their environment and seek relevant solutions, enacting an effective bottom-up mechanism for change.  As local residents themselves, community members know if their neighborhood is missing quality education, better public infrastructure, or cultural opportunities.

Eretz-Ir partners with such communities to establish social initiatives and businesses that address these needs. Together, our joint efforts not only improve the quality of life of peripheral communities, but also create a sense of belonging for young Israelis searching for a meaningful way to build their future.

Eretz-Ir’s network is the only pluralistic community network in Israel.  Including 27 communities in 20 cities nationwide, our community network represents the entire spectrum of Israeli society: secular, traditional, and Orthodox Jews, Bedouins, Arab Israelis, Sabras and Olim, and more.

Our communities create leaders in areas including social justice, culture, education, and programming for disadvantaged populations.

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