Eretz-Ir (“Country, City”) is an Israeli nonprofit dedicated to raising the communal quality of life across Israel’s peripheral cities. Established in 2006, Eretz-Ir strengthens cities using three main tools: community, social entrepreneurship, and employment. We always work with local residents who join us in propelling educational, cultural and economic change from the bottom up.

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How do we make cities stronger and better?

Urban Communities: 21st Century Pioneers

Eretz-Ir provides groups of dedicated residents with the tools and guidance needed to create thriving communities. These urban communities enable residents to influence their city and create solutions based on their unique needs. Formed around a shared social mission, communities create a sense of belonging and establish grassroots initiatives that enrich cultural life, promote social change, and give a voice to local residents. We also collaborate with young adult centers and municipalities to create a sense of community in their cities.

Social-Business Entrepreneurship

Social entrepreneurship allows residents to become active in creating the city that they want to live in. Eretz-Ir guides residents of the periphery in creating sustainable business initiatives to promote a social goal. We work hand-in-hand with budding entrepreneurs to provide the necessary mentoring, networking, tools and infrastructure to bring their idea into fruition.



Developing Quality Employment

Employment is the first consideration in choosing where to live. Eretz-Ir develops diverse and quality job opportunities that allow residents of the periphery to enjoy fulfilling careers. We operate three main programs: In partnership with JNF-USA, The Lauder Employment Center, which unites all Negev employment organizations and employers; Working Together, which provides training and mentorship for 18-25 year olds; and the NetGev Hubs for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which bring new technological professions to remote areas.

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